8 Steps to Success

Fat to thin

Yes, You Can Lose Weight Naturally and Take Control of YOUR Health. Most of the health problems today are due to DIET and lifestyle. Learn why & how Barbara became Vegan (Whole Food Plant Based) and went from:

  • Obese to Thin
  • SAD to Plant Based Lifestyle (WFPB)
  • Taking Tons of Medications to NO MEDS
  • Depressed to a Passion for Living!
  • Unhealthy to Healthy

“Losing weight is NOT about the body – it’s about the mind. It’s about changing the way you THINK about food. It’s also about changing the way you think about LIFE” – Mike Anderson, THE RAVE DIET

Eight Steps to Gaining Health Strategy

Whether you are a seasoned Vegan or have a friend or family member that needs just the right motivation to take control of their health …THIS is the ANSWER. Yes, YOU can do it!

  1. Be Thankful for the Present
    • Be in the Moment
    • Let go of the past
    • Practice affirmative self-talk
    • Get involved
    • Exercise
  2. Know what you want
    • Be Specific: – Focus – Passion – Commitment – Desire
    • At least know what…you don’t want
    • Outcome you want – outcome you don’t want
    • Best liked activity – what are you best at?
    • Daily asked yourself: show me what’s best for me today
  3. Write it Down
    • Helps with focus & clarity
    • Be specific use Treasure Mapping
    • Get away from it all
    • Check-off list
    • Journal your journey
  4. Know that you Deserve it
    • Get away by yourself and review self-thinking
    • Evaluation mirror – listen within
    • Ask your friends – ask your employer
    • Say “NO”— for yourself – be proud – love yourself
    • You’ll see it when you believe it

  1. Make a Commitment & Ask for it
    • To Yourself
    • Expect it
    • Ask for help if you need it
    • Integrity is silence
    • Networking – business cards
  2. Be Willing to Risk & Be Flexible
    • No “White Knight” or “Sleeping Beauty”
    • If your in a rut…
    • Move “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing
    • Look for the positive – be honest – be open
    • Be you + 25% – 25% +- 50%
  3. Let Go … Trust & Celebrate
    • What goes around comes around
    • Do all you can the let go and trust
    • Expect it
    • You are magnetic – breathe
    • Don’t worry – be happy – go out and play
  4. Persistence, Persistence, Persistence
    • Practice the 8 Steps
    • Success is a state of mind
    • Think of yourself as successful
    • Its always too soon to quit!
    • Celebrate